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Large Format - Pedestal Tiling - Stone - Porcelain - Ceramic


At XL Tiling we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship as well as our customer service. Throughout our work, we have continuously provided expert advice, having over 50 years of experience in this trade. You can be rest assured that we will achieve the finish you require. We have tackled a wide range of various tiles in our time, coming in all sizes going up to 3m x 1m2. No tile is too big or too small for us. We aim to complete all our work in a timescale to suit all projects. 





Expert advice from start to finish to answer all queries you may have and explore all possible options. 

We will provide a free quotation and aim to meet you at your earliest convenience. 


Providing works of the highest standard you can then leave your dream vision, in our very capable hands giving you that peace of mind. 



Domestic Tiling 

We cover all aspects of tiling required for your home, whether that be a bathroom, wet-room, kitchen as well as any floor areas. Any works under taken in your home must be of the highest standard as this is something you would see everyday. If you are looking for a team of tilers to accomplish this look no further. 

Commercial Tiling 

When it comes to commercial tiling for offices and retail spaces, you need to select a product and design which will be durable as well as desirable. Commercial areas are more prone to wear and tear due to receiving extensive foot traffic, so here at XL Tiling you would be given expert advise on what products to use along with expert installation. 


Large Format Tiling 

Large format tiling is a new system that has been introduced to the market. These tiles are great for big open areas, either in domestic or commercial spaces. This new modern system gives an elite look like no other, these tiles vary in size and can range from a size of 900mm x 900mm2 - 3m x 1.2m2.

Pedestal System

The pedestal system is great for external areas, this gives you an exceptional look as well as making these areas accessible at any given time. It is a great solution for concealing pipework and cables, etc. The pedestal system gives you the option of simply lifting the tile where needed with ease, without the need to destroy the tile as it is not fixed with adhesive or grout. One of the many benefits of this system is that it allows water to run off the surface making it less slippery. 

Victorian Tiling 

Victorian Tiling is one of the most stylish options out there, if not done correctly by a skilled tradesman in the field it can be the difference between a beautiful masterpiece or disaster. However, XL Tiling can provide the very best in achieving these mesmerising displays. after many years of experience. The Victorian geometric range manage to combine, both old fashioned and modern aspects together. 

External Tiling 

External Tiling is a brilliant way to give your garden area a smart sophisticated look. Making sure you choose the right tiles is key as you would want the tiles to be hard-wearing and durable as they will give you longevity. We are on hand to give you the advice you need in all aspects of the process, ranging from preparation, materials and installation. These are all important factors to consider and picking the right people for the job is imperative for the installation to be executed correctly.




Domestic Tiling 

External Tiling 


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